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Cross Country Peaches

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Palisade's famous peaches are known throughout the United States and the 'High County Orchard' is preparing to ship them across the country.
Hundreds of boxes were folded and thousands of peaches were picked from the 33,000 peach trees of High County Orchard's peach farm.
For owner, Theresa High, this is one of the busiest times of the year.
"I would say our most common customer is probably Texas, Hawaii, Alaska, and then the mid-western states," says High.
The orchard ships to stores throughout the state almost daily, but this shipment is special because it is being sent directly to consumers doors.
Customers are able to pre-order the famous peaches, have them packaged and then sent out to enjoy.
"We make sure that we put a notice to everyone that this item is a very perishable item," says High.
According to High, after dozens of calls from people asking for shipped peaches, she decided to give the idea a try.
"I found there is a great market for it," she says. "But it's not an easy process for the farmer to do."
Only picking the best and sweetest peaches, this first round of shipment will give almost 200 people Palisade's finest.
The process takes a crew of about 20 people, but High says they are the reason for the great online response.
"They know that our shippers are the biggest and the best," she says. "We hand select everything. We do take very special treatment to the shippers that go out."
To ship a box as a treat, head to our shop.