Paul Friday 5B

Approximate availabilty at HCO is June 27 to July 4.

The Paul Friday 5B variety was first developed in 1996 in Coloma, Michigan by a man named Paul Friday. He developed a group of peaches called the "Flamin' Fury" peach varieties. The "Flamin' Fury" peaches are numbered in order of when they ripen in relationship to each other. For example, the number 5 signifies that this variety was the 5th to ripen of 27 varieties. This is the earliest peach that we harvest at High Country Orchards. It usually ripens about 49 days before standard Elberta peaches and 118 days after full blossom. Elbertas are used as the standard for measuring the ripeness of all other varieties of peaches. The rich red color of this peach is very uncommon among most other early varieties making it a very desired peach. The early blossoming of this variety makes it very prone to late frost or freeze therefore yielding a reduced crop. Due to this risk, only a few other growers in Colorado attempt to raise this variety. The Paul Friday 5B peach is commonly referred to as a semi-cling peach because the flesh does not come off of the pit as freely as freestone peaches.