Best Peaches in the world?
See what our customers are saying:


" Greetings:
I am writing from Dillingham, Alaska. Ours is a community located on the Bristol Bay and accessible only by air and sea. We receive all of our mail by air freight. You can imagine how difficult it is to get fresh fruit and vegetables that are not bruised or over/under ripe.
I received my box of peaches from you and wanted to take the opportunity to let you know how pleased I am. The peaches were in wonderful condition. Your packaging is outstanding. We opened the box and began eating peaches right on the front porch. We love Colorado peaches and we're so excited to be able to enjoy them here at our home.
Thank you so much. We'll be ordering again and again.
— Alice






" We visited and got a tour of the orchard during the Peach festival last weekend and had a wonderful time. We really enjoyed looking through your "country store" and all the stuff you had on the walls. We bought 3 "layers" of peaches to take home with us to Arvada. We gave one layer to our friends and some individual ones to other friends and everyone really enjoyed them and said they were the best they have had-and we definitely agree! They truly are "sink" peaches-you have to eat them over the sink cuz they are so juicy! We also bought some peach salsa that was wonderful-it did not last long at all! I also really enjoyed nibbling on the pear tomatoes we bought from you on the way home. I had to go to your website to find some recipes for our now very ripe peaches because we will not let any of them go bad or not get eaten! I just wanted to let you know we enjoyed the tour, and your peaches are definitely the best we have had!
Thanks again!

— Amy Andrews





" We are the camping people I made this pie in the camper this afternoon on my it is wonderful!!! You are peaches r the best
Peace, love, happiness ...... "
— Barb





" Theresa & Scott
I was in the City Market in Vail this weekend and found High Country peaches. The BEST peaches I have had this year and I have had a lot. "
— Bruce Anderson, Esq.





" I am sending this box of your goodies to my in-laws, told them about your amazing orchard which my husband and I recently visited, you son is a great store manager, we got a kick out of his sales pitch, good job and knew the products and prices well! Anyhoo, my in-laws moved to WA state two decades ago from CO and we try to send them reminders of CO, your products are awesome, I bought a variety and gave out as gifts to friends in Denver along with keeping a few for ourselves, "good pure yummy eatin!"

So, with that said, please fill this order with brochures, etc. I am sure they will pass on, the folks in WA must be sick of Apples?

— Char Hawke from Aurora, Colorado





" Hi Theresa,
I run a company called Winerybound and I am in Colorado for the relaunch of my business. I was at your facility earlier this week and I wanted to let you know I was incredibly impressed. Your son was such a gentleman and I was amazed by his business acumen at such a young age.
I blogged about my visit and wanted to notify you of it-you can view it at www.thegreatamericanwinetour.com
Please tell you son, thank you for being so hospitable during my visit!
— Courtesy of Heather Kelly and her blog: The Great American Wine Tour





" Theresa, Thank you so much for another wonderful batch of peaches that you delivered to my friends, they just can't believe that peaches really taste like that! "
— D





" Theresa,
Just writing to thank you again for the fine job you do with shipping peaches as a gift. For several years now, we have had you ship two
dozen of your peaches to my grandmother in Kansas. Colorado peaches have been a lifelong special treat in her little town, and at her age,
97, receiving a box of perfect peaches is one thing that really makes her excited and happy. The peaches always arrive perfectly packed,
perfectly ripe, and in excellent condition, and she loves to both eat them and share them with her friends and caregivers.

Thanks again for a job well done, from a loyal customer.

— Dan





" Theresa,
I want to sincerely thank you and your family for the tour yesterday. We have been huge peach fans since moving to Colorado. It was a honor to see your operation. We definitely have greater appreciation for Palisade peaches!
Keep up the hard work; we sure do enjoy the fruit of your labors.
— Dane Mattes





" Hi Theresa,
I ordered your peaches for my elderly parents in Houston Texas. They arrived in perfect condition and they said they are the best peaches they have ever eaten. They could not stop talking about how wonderful your peaches are. I will be ordering a gift of peaches for them regularly now. They said its the best gift I could give to them. Thank you for taking care to package and ship such a wonderful gift.
— Deb





" Thank you soooo much, your peaches are so much fun to give!! always such a treat!
— Debi





" The peaches arrived in Valdez, Alaska (on the 29th) in perfect condition!
Thank you so much for your help and consideration. My sister was so excited! She has been sharing them with everyone - so we will probably have to do this again next year:) Thanks again for all your help - it was worth it! "
— From Valdez, Alaska





" Just wanted to let you know, we ordered peaches for the first time this year, and they were the BEST we have ever eaten.
We were wondering if you could put us on a reminder list, to let us know when peach season comes around to remind us to order them for the next year 2010.
Again, Thank You for the BEST.....
— Jim & Virginia





" Theresa,
Thank you. I received my order and the peaches were perfect!! "
— Jodi from Texas





" Hi, I just wanted to tell you how much we are enjoying your peaches. We canned, I think, 38 quarts, and 9 pints. I am glad we could help you out in delivering your fruit to Flagstaff. We like to make a sorbet out of the canned peaches, and it is a step above any other we have ever had. I know that tomatoes are better, more full flavored, in Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, something about the soil I suspect, and the same can be said for Palisade peaches. Thanks again, it was a pleasure doing business with you. "
— Joe H. from Flagstaff, AZ





" I am a Southern boy who lives in North Carolina and is constantly being told how great Georgia and South Carolina peaches are. But after trying your Colorado peaches, I'm a convert and now preach the Gospel of High Country Orchards. Nothing comes close. It may be sacrilegious to my fellow Southerners to say it, but Colorado peaches reign supreme.
— John D. from Concord, NC





" Theresa,
Thank you very much. I was through that part of Colorado in 1957 when I was 15 years old. I still remember the clean chilly air, the rushing waters and the magnificent scenery. I hope to come back and will stop by when I do. I can tell you this, the air was much cleaner then. At night you could see lights from 80 miles away. And the traffic was non existent.

— John M





" Received the order already. I am extremely pleased. Thank you so much for the great service!

— Joyce Lohse





" We just bought a bag of your peaches from King Soopers in Denver, specifically the store at Monaco and Leetsdale, and I want to thank you for myself.

For fifty years I have delighted in what my family laughingly calls "carroty peaches", meaning that I sound as if I am crunching a carrot when I eat them. I do not know the variety of the ones we bought (maybe Angelus? guessing from your website), but this is the first time I have ever had such splendid, sweet-tart, perfect, CARROTY peaches so late in August, and freestone at that!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
— K Watkins





" While in Georgia (visiting my kids and grandkids), we stopped at a roadside produce stand. I asked about their "Georgia" peaches, and the lady behind the counter laughed and said, the Georgia ones are not really very good.
These we are selling today are from South Carolina!

— Karen Massey





" Loving the best peaches on earth!!!
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!
— Kathie S





" Hi - just wanted to say that I ordered a box of peaches sent to thank some associates in Salt Lake City, and they got there really fast and I was told that they were wonderful, delicious, beautiful and came excellently packed!! Thanks so much - I see I did this just in time because you are now out of stock. Great service - I am very impressed and will order again next year!
— Kay Moller





" OK, so I was a little skeptical about your peaches after I read the Denver Post article so I drove over to Whole Foods at lunch today.

Wow! Best peach I have ever had. Super sweet, with a little tartness. Only problem is that I am now cleaning peach juice off the front of my shirt.

Nice job, I will keep looking for your peaches and buying them.

— Kevin





" Theresa,
Thank you so much for the wonderful peaches! They were perfect!!! I really appreciate you putting those together, they were beautiful!

— Kirsten Sheridan





" I received my peaches today. They are gorgeous and exceeded all of my expectations. Thank you very much.
— Mary





" Theresa,
I love Colorado peaches, and have decided to send them out as gifts and as a thank you to certain customers.

— Matt Henehan





" Theresa,

My customer received the peaches yesterday, and they love them! Thanks a bunch!

— Matt Henehan





" A student brought me your wonderful peaches today. They are delicious! I would love to send some to my parents in Dallas. Is that possible? If so, would you please send me some information on what I need to do to order peaches.

— Meredith Beal





" I'm down to my last half dozen peaches now.. They have lasted fine in the fridge.. I thought maybe you'd like to know that anyone I have given a peach to, as a gift, have all said the very same thing. "This is the best peach I have ever eaten".. It makes me feel good to know that, and I imagine it probably makes you feel good as well. Thanks for your help again this year, and we'll keep our fingers crossed that maybe next year we can drive out and see you, in person, again. "
— Pat & Darrel Kampa





" I succumbed and just ordered a box of 12 for us. I know we will get spoiled and not want any other. "
— Ray & Pat





" THANKS, Theresa! I actually caught the Post story since peaches have been on my mind of late. That was some SERIOUS ink for your business! To think that someone as busy as you can find a moment for a single customer is quite remarkable. I will be checking Boulder Whole Foods this weekend!
— Rich Lathrop





" Hi Theresa, It’s Rodney again. We just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful peaches.
We love them and our customers do too!
— Rodney Medina, Produce Team Leader of Whole Foods Market Southglenn





" Thanks Theresa. Your orchard seems to be a great combination of a small business that cares about its customers mixed with a huge internet mogul. "
— Ron





" High Country Orchards:
I received my box of 24 peaches on Wednesday and they are simply scrumptious - best peaches I've had this year and that includes several boxes from Georgia. Very juicy and great taste. Reminds me of the peaches I ate growing up from my uncle's orchard in western Pennsylvania. I've ordered another box of 24.

— Ruth Ann from Oswego, IL





" Hi! We are the folks from Wisconsin who came to your orchard last Friday afternoon and your foreman was so very nice to us! Just wanted you to know that I could have sold 20 more boxes of those peaches for you here in Tomah, Wisconsin!!! All of our kids and relatives LOVE them and have never seen such great peaches and nectarines before! Thank you again for having such a great orchard!
— Sandy Wagner from Tomah, Wisconsin





" Theresa,
Wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude to you and your family’s business for the stellar job you did in processing our request
to ship peaches all over the country. It has been a lot of fun for us to receive all the responses from our clients carrying on about how
amazing the peaches were and how they savored each one! Thank you again for all of us at DTC for your assistance!
— Sara from Doyle Trading Company





" I took your suggestion and poured the Spicy Peach Salsa over my grilled Chicken last night.

YUMMY !!!!!!!!

— Scott Slobin





" Hi Theresa - the package did arrive on Wed (two days!) and with your directions they placed them in a paper bag and plan to dig in to them today. They were very impressed with the packaging as well. So thanks, and good luck with your harvest!

— Steve Ammentorp





" Thanks for showing us a good time in Palisade. The peaches were super. "
— The Warners from Phoenix





" Want you to know that your peaches made it to St Louis in fine fashion and have been thoroughly enjoyed by our friends and family here and in Denver. One of my co-workers said they were so sweet and good they were like "peach candy."
Thanks Again
— Tom & Mary Devereux





" About 20 years ago on a trip to southern China, speaking almost no Chinese, I wandered into a fruit store and wound up buying a few peaches. They were huge, almost pure white and looked very appetizing. Outside the shop, I rinsed one off with water from my water bottle and ate it by the curb - savoring it immensely with juice dripping down my chin and no napkin.
Ever since that day, I've been a peach freak, chasing a memory of that day. Living in Hawaii has its advantages but unfortunately, obtaining extra-ordinary peaches is not one of them. Over the years, I've ordered from a number of other mainland vendors and have repeatedly been disappointed, with bruised fruit, poor packaging, etc, etc.
Until the other day.
Your box arrived perfectly packed with obvious care and with large, unbruised, fabulously tasting fruit. I'm enjoying them immensely, eating them plainly over the sink, juice dripping down my chin (now with a napkin) and with fond memories of that day long ago in China,
And yes, I'm sharing a few of them with my closest friends.
Thank you so much from a new loyal customer. "
— Tom Witt





" My wife and I returned on a bike tour Sunday and tried the peaches. Wow. If they were any sweeter, they'd need a warning label. We hope we can return next year! "
— Warren Epstein, Gazettte Arts and Culture Editor