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We, at High Country Orchards, are firmly convinced that Palisade offers a very special place to grow the highest quality peaches.

Historically Palisade peaches have been famous for their quality, flavor and sweetness for over 100 years. Famous stories about Palisade peaches being served at the White House, on the Canard Ocean Liners, at Buckingham Palace can be found in the Western History Department at the Denver Public Library as there is quite a bit of interesting information on the history of Palisade peaches available.

Palisade has a unique location in western Colorado which is the single largest contributing quality factor for growing fruit in the area.

Because of the very special microclimate:

  1. Cold winters (giving the peach trees sufficient cold dormancy which allows the rejuvenation needed to develop healthy flower and leaf buds for the following year),
  2. A long frost free growing season (with high elevation intense sunlight) creating fruit sugars during the hot summer days,
  3. Cool mountain breezes moving down the Colorado River at night dropping the temperature, which slows the ripening and intensifies the crisp fruit acids resulting in a better balanced flavor profile,
  4. Rich, fertile volcanic based soils with complex clay and loam components,
  5. Cool, clean mountain water (from snowfall runoff) for irrigation from the Colorado River (the river also helps to moderate the temperature extremes in the valley).